(Después de) La lluvia El Paso Superficie 1 Línea
(Diagrama de) La ceguera La Marea Viaje Cuadrados líquidos
El Valle Mañana Superficie 2 Para Eva
Parrilla El Sueño de Narciso Patio de tierra Flujo

Mirrors of blindness
16 web videos (SD, 720 x 480, Flash)


:: For desktops (+Flash player)

This piece is a group of 16 stop-motion, with a time range between 13 and 41 seconds, based on various series of photographs of my personal archive.
On the videos there are some animated list of words, deployed as a mask, on a reverse layer. This results in words, treated as an image, suddenly melting or eventually disappearing. The English translation is actually a text animation superimposed on all the layers of the film.
I wrote this list of ideas and concepts during 2010, trying to collect all the words I use constantly in my work, while I teach or talk to my colleagues. Then I organized them into 16 categories (for example, digital imaging, photography, installation, etc.) and ordered alphabetically before using them in this work.