My grandmother, my mother, I (side effects)
HD, 4 min each (simultaneous projection)
Santiago, 2008

Project After Effects, (Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago
Curator: Yael Rosenblut, 2008, canceled project)

After a true odyssey, my brother Richard achieves something almost impossible: get a replace lamp for a 8 mm film projector from 1952, that belonged to mi grandfather Carlos. Thus, in January 2007, Ricardo began the process of digitization, projecting the films on a screen, and recording with his video camera.
The films were home movies shot by my grandfather since the year 1942, and films made my father until the year 1974 (with the camera that he received from my grandfather after his death in 1966).
With this material I made this diptych, for a project that had the condition of using only post-production techniques. On the two videos I made an animation mask, on a video took (by Will, the step brother of my sister in law) in the marriage of my brother Sergio, where I read a poem during the ceremony. This animation was used to generate a kind of "self talk".