Graphic crossing
Five public interventions and digital photography
Santiago, Chile, 2003

- Culture Square, Mapocho Station, Santiago, Chile (September 8th, 2003)
- MAC, Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile (September 15th, 2003)
- La Moneda Palace, Santiago, Chile (October 19th, 2003)
- Plaza Italia, Santiago, Chile (November 2, 2003)
- Quinta Normal Park, Natural History Museum facade, Santiago, Chile (November 24, 2003)


Fund for the Development of Culture and Arts, FONDART, 2003

Graphic Crossing consisted of 5 interventions and their register through digital photographs, in downtown Santiago. These interventions or minimal setups, were made with materials that were easy to put up and take away - floor wax, colored pigment, fabrics, pressed wax and plastic sheets - in a guarded place such as the public space. To have a minimum impact on the environment and circulation, was one of the requirements to get the permission to work on these places. These were focusing gestures, to enhance a certain order and produce an emptiness, visually purifying an area full of residues and cross codes (noise).
The images captured were digitally made (they were "cleaned" through an editing and manipulation process), getting rid of or enhancing information. In the end, they were printed on paper and were taken back to the intervention area for a new stage of digital registration.
I wanted to make a series of consecutive movements, digitally editing the gap between what's been "done" and what is "desired for", between truth and fiction in the production of the work. I've been doing graphic interventions in urban areas since 1988, building my work on the register and the photo archive. The project was a digital intervention work about a registering act. That way, the selected photos resulted from a circular process around digital images that, in some way, had no matrix (according to the traditional process of the photographic negative), and that cannot be considered any longer, as evidence of an ephemeral work.


- Graphic crossing (1) Mapocho Station
Floor wax on tiles

- Graphic crossing (2) MAC Santiago
Black pigment on marble

- Graphic crossing (3) La Moneda Palace
Cotton veils

- Graphic crossing (4) Plaza Italia
Wax leafs

- Graphic crossing (5) Quinta Normal Park
Plastic and fiber leafs