Water cycle
Graphic interventions
Central zone, Chile


- Lo Valdés, Maipo valley, RM, Chile (January 16th, 1998)
- El Yeso, Maipo valley, RM, Chile (January 30th, 1998)
- Valle Nevado, RM, Chile (April 12th, 1998)
- El Rosario de Tunquén, V Región, Chile (August 8th, 1999)


Exhibition: Minimal made in Chile
Matucana 100 Cultural Center
Curator: Gonzalo Pedraza
Santiago, Chile
April-June 2013

I defined these particular works as graphic interventions, because by revealing an underlying grid of reticules and lines, they become an extension of the act of drawing. This extension, was an act of organization and structure. At first, I chose two basic sites: the natural landscape, where I developed a series of hiatus from the Andean Cordillera to the Pacific Ocean, (a biographic line), and the interior of houses in the process of being dismantled and demolished. In both instances, my marks would inevitably suffer the effect of a destructive force: the erosion from wind and water outside, or the action of man, inside.


- Three squares
White chalk, 40 x 123 cm
Maipo valley (January 1998)

- Exercise of liaison
White chalk, 100 x 100 cm
Maipo valley (January 1998)

- 100 mountain squares
White chalk, 350 x 350 cm
El Yeso reservoir (January 1998)

- 10 squares (shore)
White chalk, 31 x 388 cm
El Yeso reservoir (January 1998)

- In heaven I
Black pigment, 150 x 150 cm
Valle Nevado (April 1998)

- In heaven II
Black pigment, 190 x 190 cm
Valle Nevado (April 1998)

- Border
White chalk, 170 x 170 cm
El Rosario de Tunquén (August 1999)