Pulse to see
462 ensembled photographs
225 x 320 cm

Exhibition: On Time
Posada del Corregidor Gallery, Santiago, Chile
June 1998

Things concern us afterward (extract)
Sergio Rojas

… Claudia Missana rescues the optical-object connection and imbalance implied by a pattern of 462 photographs, which are out of focus. Thinking about the counterpoint arising between an out-of-focus image and the regular format of the paper, Missana changes the rhythm of the gaze, forcing it to follow the lights and shades of an indecipherable visual referent. The result: a sum of confused shapes that interact between each other to become a painting lesson, an exercise in chiaroscuro of a greater motif, of whose identity we are unaware
… In Missana´s work, the visual grid woven by the "out-of-focus" parts, which seem to stop things from appearing in actual visibility (like a field of "what is about to appear”, allow us to be present in looking, while lacking that which is usually privilege by comparison with other sensorial senses: distance. Here the stains do not function as traces or residues, but rather, on the contrary, as retinal passion -undisciplined by concept. An interruption of the "sense of likeness“.