The siren (smoke and shadow)
Reflective drawing, 5 flurescent pipes and electrical system
200 x 120 cm (approx)

Exhibition: Magic Block, Contemporary Art from Chile
Stiftelsen 3,14
International Contemporary Art Foundation, Bergen, Norway
January 2014

Exhibition: Block Mágico
Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende
Santiago, Chile
October 2014 - January 2015


Curators: Brandon LaBelle and Soledad García Saavedra

Missana plays with the double meaning of the word siren as a sign of alarm and in its figurative sense as a mythic sea nymph. Her work presents a warning image of those enigmatic traces that inhabit the mindscape, immersed in the imagination, in the collective history and in personal records. In these overlapping diagrams of five silhouettes, private and public memory appear in provisional moments. This temporal and connective shape brings light and shadows to the wall, which are generated from the bottom plugged system. It reflects an empowerment of memory and also its fragility.
Soledad García, Santiago 2013