Net art

- V Bienal of Mercosur
Porto Alegre, Brazil
September 2005

- Exhibition: The Letter and the Body
La Moneda Palace Cultural Center
Santiago, Chile
January 2006


Curator (Chile): Justo Pastor Mellado


Fundação Bienal de Artes Visuais do Mercosul
School of Visual Arts, Mayor University

Bipolar is a navigation essay, using downloaded code, and abusing of the concepts of Open Source and collaboration.
The name Bipolar is related to the site structure, built in positive and negative poles, based on the digital language of ones and zeroes. It is also an ironic analogy of the digital, as a mind expansion, or the Internet as nervous system. The inflation of this type of speech conceives a logical mind in a pure state, possible to be translated into bytes in an intelligence nirvana.
The logical structure of the site has two levels: vector animations (generated by designers and programmers and later intervened on a code level) and bitmaps (images of Santiago city). I planned the site according to the work on urban reticules I have developed in my latest works.


:: Bipolar (for desktop)
Site optimized 600 x 800 or higher / high processor speed / Flash version 7 or higher / Explorer 6 or higher (Java-enabled)


Credits: Some sites used to download scripts were: Liquid Journey, Nomaster, Levitated, Flash Kit, Action Script Hero, ActionScript.org y Mmug Chile.