Subtle body
Mosquito nets, rice paper, medical tape and black pigment
7,00 x 8,00 x 3,15 mt

Exhibition: Subtle bodies
Carmen Codoceo Gallery, La Serena, Chile
March-April 2001

Subtle body
Alejandra Munizaga

Emptiness is a place. Some people know this. They simply cup their hands to capture words and fleeting presences, while we go unaware of the phantasmal life that surrounds us. The work of Claudia Missana moves within this realm – from imperceptible to perceptible.
A mosquito net is a body of air, a shadow is an imprint on the wall, dust gathers into a drawing. Her subtle patterns and projections bring us to a place, where the imaginary is real.
Her work relies in simplicity, in the elemental. As modern beings, immersed in a structure of complexity, we have no time to notice a shadow, or to be touched by dust. These installations, on the verge of disappearance, are stripped from material complications to generate quietness. They call us to be still, to contemplate. Their delicate, yet radical movement, defies the over-saturation of contemporary reality. Claudia Missana gives shape to emptiness.